You Don’t Care About Money

by mzumtaylor on October 28, 2010

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This is a guest post from Amanda Pingel, MBA

Very few people actually care about money. Given the choice between

  • working and being rich, or
  • having no money, but all your basic needs are taken care of and you can spend all day horseback riding/playing golf/watching TV/reading/writing/whatever…

most people would take the latter. But there are two problems:

  1. You aren’t offered this deal. In order to provide for your basic needs, you have to work some.
  2. The definition of “basic needs” has changed quite a bit. During the Industrial Revolution, factories were working 24/7 and still couldn’t keep up with demand — they sold every spool of thread they could make and had people clamoring for more. These days you can buy just about anything you can think of, and at steadily-dropping prices, so we’ve moved beyond the point where you work 16-hour days and send your kids to work 12-hour days just to get food and clothing. But our idea of “basic need” has expanded, so that we still need a fair amount of working hours to cover our “needs”.

Still, it’s pretty easy to avoid starving or freezing in the modern US, so why do we all keep working beyond what’s necessary for our needs? Because we want the money, right?


Because we want the freedom

We want to buy things that are beyond our basic needs. We want to be able to go out to dinner, or take a vacation, or buy that new gadget.

The problem is, we’re too easily satisfied. If you’re going to work instead of doing what you love, why not use the resulting money to buy what you love?

Skip the gadget — does it really do anything you care about?
Eat homemade pancakes and bacon — they taste better, they’re healthier, and you can save that money.
Skip the movie — you can rent it when it comes out on DVD.

And buy something that matters. Save up for a trip to that country you’ve always dreamed of (for me, it’s Ireland). Buy the supplies for a hobby that you actually enjoy. Buy the materials, start-up capital, and advice that you’d need to start that business you’ve always wanted to try.

You don’t care about money. So start working for something you do care about.

Amanda envisions a world where everybody loves their job, because they’re doing something they care about and getting paid for it. To that end, she writes about self-monetization methods at Monetizing Me. She is also a marketing consultant at NeoAgora Marketing.

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