Studying for the CPA Exam: An Inverse Relationship

by Megan Taylor on August 30, 2015

I have been diligently studying for the first section (FAR) of the CPA exam since August 25th. (I took the weekend and my birthday as a break from finishing grad school.) In the last five days, I have made a decent amount of progress.

There are 10 lessons for FAR in the study course I bought. I have finished the first one and am in the middle of the homework for the second. In case anyone is wondering, each lesson has four hours of lectures, five to six hours of homework problems, one to two hours of task-based simulations, and one to four hours of progress exams. The program also recommends at least one hour of flashcard review for each section. That’s 13 to 17 hours of studying per section. Good times.

One of the first videos in the study course talks about Extraordinary Items. For those who don’t know, in accounting, an Extraordinary Item is something that is both unusual and infrequent.

To quote the video:

“You know what’s a great example of an extraordinary item, I’ll give you an example: you having fun between now and exam day. That should be an extraordinary item; something that is both unusual, and infrequent. You should not be having fun. There is an inverse relationship between happiness and passing this exam.

I still haven’t received my notice to schedule, but when I do, I’m planning to schedule the first section of the exam for the last week in October or the first week in November. So… no fun for me until November 5th, at the latest. (“Remember, remember, the fifth of November…”)

Good times. *wry*


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Update: Got 104% on my Advanced Accounting exam

July 22, 2015

There’s something really satisfying about business combinations and making the consolidation worksheet balance. Of course, this was only the first exam and things will only get more complicated from here, since the professor said that everything just sort of builds on top of what we’ve already learned, but I think that’ll be fun. In other […]

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It’s Done… I’ve Applied

July 21, 2015

Once I got started, the application process was just like any other application process: lots of boxes to check and forms to complete. It took about an hour to complete the online application, and that was with having ready access to all of my transcript information. If you’re going to apply for the CPA exam […]

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July 21, 2015

I can’t really explain it, but I’m unreasonably nervous to fill out the application and pay my $400-ish to see if they’ll let me sit for the CPA exam. As you can see by my sidebar, I’m already three weeks late on doing it. I haven’t been putting it off, not really, because this semester’s […]

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Update: Summer II So Far

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CIS 6400 – Business Analytics I love this class. We’re learning how to do some fun and fancy things in Excel right now, and pretty soon we’ll be moving on to an overview of Big Data, which is apparently the “next big thing.” The professor says there’s a lot of new tools that semi-educated lay […]

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Quick note: Keep your textbooks

July 9, 2015

I’m kind of a pack rat, so I almost always keep my textbooks anyway, but when getting a Masters in Accounting, you should keep at least your Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Accounting textbooks, as well as your Cost/Managerial Accounting textbook. I have referred back to each of them several times as I have taken additional […]

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