Update: Somehow the Summer Flew By

by Megan Taylor on August 18, 2014

Despite the fact that I wasn’t working this summer, I seem to have found no time to update this blog with my progress. I guess homework is like a gas: it expands to fill the space (read: time) given to it. It feels like I did little else this summer, other than study. But it paid off: I got A’s in my Summer I classes (Sales & Negotiating and Business Finance), and I’m pretty sure I got A’s in my Summer II classes. I won’t know for sure for a few more days (weeks?) because finals grades aren’t in. I know I got an A in Accounting Info Systems, I just don’t know if I got an A in Auditing. Unless my group really messed up our group project, or I totally bombed the final, I think I’ll be okay, but until it’s official, I can only speculate.

I did not enjoy Auditing as much as I was hoping to. Perhaps that was just the way the class was taught (very informative, but dry), but I don’t think it’s the branch of accounting for me. Which I suspect is fine, since I really enjoy both tax and managerial accounting, but it’s still good to know. Maybe I’ll get some work experience in the next few years that will change my mind. I guess we’ll see.

Now I’ve got two weeks between the Summer II semester and the Fall semester. I’m enjoying the break from studying, but I’m in full-swing looking for a job for the fall and it seems every weekend we’re off doing something. I’m also looking ahead to the Fall semester and feeling a little nervous about it. I’m taking two classes (International Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis) that are taught by the same professor. If my learning style matches how the professor teaches, it will be a great semester. If I don’t, it will be a really hard semester. I also looked into buying the books. One of them I can get used for $200. The other I can only by new for $350. *sighs* Oh, and a parking permit (which I have to have, otherwise I’ll pay triple the cost in parking tickets) is $180 for the Fall semester or $300 for the whole 2014-2015 school year. I’ll save $60 buying it upfront, but with the cost of my books exceeding $500, I’m not sure where the $300 would come from.

Ah, the joys of going back to school. I just have to keep my eye on the prize, right? And that prize is that in December 2015, I will be done with my Masters, which means that we are going to take a trip to Great Britain (Sometime in 2016, not in December 2015… probably), which we have been planning for several years.

And then I can move on to the next phase of this crazy journey: Passing the CPA exam. :)


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