The 2014 Fall Semester kicked off a few weeks ago, and I have, as per usual, piled my metaphorical plate so high that I can barely see over the top. When I was chatting with my sister last week–in the process of trying to figure out if I’d taken on too much, and whether I could drop something–the following conversation unfolded:

    Me: Right now I’m working 40 hours, taking two classes (3 hours a week in class for each, 6 hours in class, total), which means at least 12 hours of homework per week. I also am doing my candidate semester for the Accounting Honors Society, Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
    That requires 20 hours of tutoring and 8 hours of community service before 12/3/14.
    In addition to attending every weekly meeting, which is 2 hours from 6-8 on Thursday
    If I drop one of my classes, I won’t be able to graduate next December (2015)
    If I drop BAP, I won’t get to network with the accounting firms in Kalamazoo, which could hurt my job prospects
    I can’t quit my job because we need the money
    That’s where things stand

    Sister: …….
    you’re crazy

    Me: … Maybe
    Now wait. Who are you to call me crazy? I mean, you’re the one about to have two kids.

    Sister: yeah, but that’s like… contained chaos that I don’t have to handle on my own
    you’ve got like
    so many things
    all the things
    all the things are yours

    Me: … Maybe


She’s probably not wrong about me being crazy, but in the end I decided to do all of it. It’s going to mean a very, very, very busy semester, but so far it has paid off. After the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) “Meet the Firms” event last Thursday, I have two interviews for accounting internships for next summer, and I’m talked to no fewer than nine accounting firms in the area. This can’t be a bad thing, I feel.

So things are ticking along, and there are upsides and downsides, as there always are.

Upsides: I did my first BAP tutoring session yesterday, which was quite a lot of fun, and now I really want to know how the guy I was helping did on his test, but I may never see him again. And later tonight, I get to tour one of the local accounting firms, which I suspect will also be a lot of fun.

Downsides: I am seeing a lot of coffee and not quite enough sleep in my near future.


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