t-minus 2 days to BEC

by Megan Taylor on August 16, 2016

I just got my appointment reminder email for BEC from Prometric. If it didn’t feel real before (it did), it certainly feels real now.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this one. I suspect I’ll feel that way every time, and I certainly put the time in, but there are a few of the concepts that I’m struggling with. No matter how many times I review the material, when I get a question in these areas, I invariably answer incorrectly. There’s nothing really I can do about that other than keep studying and trying to think of ways to remember.

As my husband pointed out yesterday, I prepared as much as I could given the time I had. If I pass it, excellent. If I don’t pass it, I have a contingency plan where I can take it again in January and still be well within my 18-month time frame.

So I’ll just go in on Thursday and do my best. We’ll see what happens.

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