2011 in Review: Did I meet my Goals?

by mzumtaylor on January 3, 2012

in Personal Finance

The goals I posted in January 2011 were mostly financial (no surprise there).

Goal: Posting our financial information every month

I did pretty well with this for the first part of the year, but I fell out of the habit when I started my current job (which includes writing blog posts) and stopped writing as much for this blog.

Financial Goals:

  1. Rebuild our beginner emergency fund ($1,000) — Done, twice actually. (We met the goal in March, but then had to spend a portion of it to cover some expenses when we bought our condo. We re-completed the goal in November).
  2. Finish paying off our credit card — DONE. About two weeks ago, actually, so we just squeaked it in. :)
  3. Start paying off car loans — Didn’t get our credit cards paid off as quickly as I was hoping, so we didn’t meet this goal. If my math is correct, however, we should meet this goal in February 2012.
  4. Continue saving for retirement — We are on track with this one and have been all year. Ben is contributing automatically to his 401(k) and I set up a Roth IRA into which I automatically invest a portion of my paycheck each month. Could we invest more? Yes, but I want to get our debt paid off first.

I didn’t really set any non-financial goals for 2011, but through the course of the year…

All things considered, not a bad year. I can’t wait to see what exciting and unexpected accomplishments 2012 brings. :)

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