Update: I got an accounting job!

by Megan Taylor on September 24, 2012

Just a quick run-by update: I got a job in my current office as an Accounting Clerk 1. 🙂

It never would have occurred to me to apply because I’ve only been going to school for my Masters of Accounting for (now) four weeks, but the head of the accounting department called me into her office and suggested I submit my resume and cover letter.

I figured, if the head of the accounting department is suggesting I apply, I might as well apply. I submitted my resume/cover letter package to HR on Monday, 9/10, had an interview scheduled that following Friday (9/14), and was offered the position in the afternoon on Monday, 9/17. (I accepted on Tuesday, 9/18. You’re supposed to ask for 24 hours to think about these things, right?)

So, I’m staring my career as an accountant almost three years before I was really expecting to. Neat!

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