Fall Schedule Frustrations

by Megan Taylor on April 24, 2012

Over the last few days, I’ve received quite an inbox full of correspondence from CU-Denver. All of the information they’ve sent so far has been useful and interesting, but they one thing they haven’t sent is my student ID number. This is going to arrive via snail mail “sometime in the next two or three weeks.” What? Really? Two weeks?

I’m frustrated about this because I need my ID number to set up my school email account. And I need to have access to my school email login information in order to see the schedule for Fall 2012. Not register for classes (that’s apparently a whole other kettle of fish), just to see the schedule.


I just want to know what classes might be offered, and when, so I can start planning. I feel like this is not too much to ask, and the not-knowing is making me anxious.

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